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VisiMax™ is Bosch-exclusive technology that monitors the laser tool’s temperature and power consumption. It enables the tool to be “smart” and adapt to the work environment to maximize usage.


12V MAX - Real Power. Unreal Size.

The tools in the Bosch 12V Max platform deliver the power and performance you need with a more compact size, lighter weight and user-friendly design. This makes it the choice for pros who need maneuverability and power.


Bosch SpeedXtreme™

Bosch SpeedXtreme™ bits offer the largest range of sizes to fit SDS-max® hammer drills.


Speed Clean

Dust Extraction Drill Bit

The newest innovation from Bosch.

The traditional drill-blow-brush-blow method requires six steps and a time investment of more than three minutes per anchor.


Perform to a new standard

Stronger grip. Better performance. Greater versatility.

Bosch delivers the most comprehensive offering for relevant applications.


Dare to drill

10x Faster

Are about best-in-class speed, life and ease of use - getting the most out of each work day. Daredevil spade bits save users up to 30 minutes a day vs, standard spade bits. Demand the best, demand Bosch Daredevil spade bits.

Bosch Blaze™

Bosch Blaze™

Bosch BLAZE laser measures are designed to allow users to reach farther, work faster and stay accurate.



Introducing Bosch's Nail Strike, the first ever wood bit built to drill through embedded nails and not break.

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